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Ok, that episode was horrible!! Anyone else think so too?? They just totally rushed it into 1 hour. Grey's won't be back with new episodes now until mid January.
Quote: Originally Posted by Belle I wonder if they'll do another alien baby scene. They seem to be setting something up like that. Tyler (Erica's son) seems to be developing a relationship with the "V" Lisa. I remember seeing something in a preview where she tells them that Tyler is the one she wants. Maybe they'll do another "baby" scene but in reverse with a V being the one who gets pregnant.
I think the older priest is V, I just have a gut feeling on that one. I too kept looking at everyone and wondering if they were V, I think that maybe the FBI agent who visited the younger priest about the guy who was murdered was V too. At least in the original V you pretty much knew who was V and who wasn't, how the heck are they going to be able to tell in this one besides cutting into everyone they meet??
Anyone watch tonight??
Ok, so who saw it?!?! I have to say, I really liked it and I'll definitely watch it again. I felt like it was different enough that it didn't feel like it was ripping off the original version. What did everyone else think?
Tonight at 8pm!! Of course it has to be on at the same time as my all time favorite show and celeb crush - NCIS, oh Agent Gibbs. *swoon* I am Tivo'ing NCIS and watching "V" though
They are showing the original 80's mini series on SyFy today and the new series starts on Tuesday! I loved this series in the 80's when I was a kid, I hear the new one is getting really good reviews. Anyone else looking forward to the remake??
It's basically the same velour that's on the Hampton's sides but the Nassau is that velour over the whole seat but in darker grey sides and lighter grey interior. I have a black lab and a pug that sheds like crazy and yes the dog hair definitely sticks to it.
For only $10 more I'd go for the Monterey! I have a TB but I'm saving up for a Monterey for my DD, the TB fits her well but I love the way she fits in a Monterey and she loves how comfy it is. Plus I love that the Monterey can be LATCH'd and how its fits to a higher weight.
More than likely when your DS needs the headrest on the TF he won't need the 45 degree recline needed for a newborn or younger baby. When he gets a little older and has good head control you can put the recline at more like 35 degrees which will help alot with the fit of the car seat rear facing
New Posts  All Forums: