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I have done EVERYTHING to get rid of the stink in my diapers... i have tried different detergents.. different washing routines.. i've stripped at EVERY wash.. (talk about NOT economic in AZ) they stink. REALLY stink. i switched to all natural fibers because i read they dont have smell issues... well they still stink. i evern went as far as to try bleaching them.. and they STILL stink. i know i have extremely hard water.. so does this mean there is NO way i'm going to be...
hi i have never posted on this thread before but my husband and i just made a brand new forum for general pagan discussions and i thought you mamas might enjoy it. so here is the link, i hope to see some of you there :)  http://atkuscreations.wix.com/greenamber
Thank you!!
I would l really like to use oak meadow curriculum this year, but we are barely scraping by money wise, there is no way I can afford it.  SO i was wondering if any of you knew of any blogs or free curriculum that might be similar?
i will be homeschooling for the first year this year.. i'm in Mesa! My oldest is 8 and severely autistic so he will be in the public school system, but my second son is 5 (will be six the end of august) and my third son is 4! I also have an almost 3 year old girl and a 9 month old little girl. I'd love to do meet ups and find more online info as well!
thank you all so much for your kind words and advice! i really appreciate it! 
Is this still available?
thanks ladies! All great advice! I'll be looking in to those links you posted. I think i was just having a mental breakdown last night.  I truly feel like going to school damaged him and i believe home school is the best way to help repair that.  I actually really wanted to home school all my children, but my oldest is severely autistic and really benefits from going to his school. None of our family is supportive in any way. When I told my mom I was interested in this...
Hi there! My son is 5 (will be six in august). I sent him to kindergarten last august, a half day program at a spalding method school.. and i feel like it was the biggest mistake of my life. He WAS a sweet, sensitive, creative, imaginative, friendly little boy who was eager to go to school, but it proved to be horrible for him. It was so rigid including marking him down for not holding his pencil correctly. and by the second quarter he was struggling greatly with his...
CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a sweetie!
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