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Library books!!!! Such a good idea!! I may look in to that!
My first baby was posterior when I went I'm to labor.. I stayed at 4cm for about 19 hours.. Then he finally turned and I was at a10 within a half hour. My second baby had so much water I had no idea how he was positioned but considering he was my shortest labor, I assume he was Loa. My third was roa and moved a crap ton while I was in labor.. It was special... He ended up bring born with both hands on to of his head. My fourth was stubbornly roa but finally came out after...
those are all good points about prefolds- they were pretty much all i used with my boys. but i only had cheap crappy gerber prefolds and they really werent all that great. i did use them for multiple other things though. they are extremely handy to have around!!
lol i feel your pain with the heat... it is disgusting here. yesterday when i took my son to kindergarten i thought "oh it's not that bad out" then i got in the car and saw it was 104 degrees.. it's pretty sad when 104 is "not that bad" but we've been averaging 115 this week /barf.  after living in Alaska for 6 years... anything about 80 is hot to me though lol   we are having chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight.. hope the family doesnt complain too much lol
longies are adorable! how fun that you get to use them again!! :) what do you love about prefolds? the absorbancy? the simplicity? 
mmm broccoli cheese soup sounds yummy!!!   here is my favorite baked potato soup recipe!! it's fantastic! http://www.recipelink.com/mf/14/18184
cindy- good to know about the bags!!!! we always buy ziploc brand at costco so they last us forever, but my sister in law buys target all the time i will let her know! and yes just wait for the soup to completely cool off and then pour it in a bag. i guess you could probably pour it in one of those disposable aluminum casserole dishes and heat it in the oven... not sure how that would work though lol   i will post the baked potato soup recipe after i get ds on the bus!
personally i would guess 12/2 since that is the date you got at your earliest u/s. yes i know those can be off but that early on i doubt it would be off by too much. a week at absolute most. when did you get a positive pregnancy test?     when i got pregnant this time i hadn't had a period since october and was bfing so i had no idea when i was due. based on cramping i was guessing i was due 11/2 my first u/s was between 13 and 14 weeks and she got 3 different dates...
i will have to go look at those! i love cute prints!!!!! :) that's why i always liked swaddlebees/blueberry diapers with my boys. sooooo many cute options.. and i love minky!! :D
esma- last time i used the disposable pans you bought and loved them they were amazing.. easy dinner.. easy clean up! we also stocked up on paper plates lol    @vegan princess- if you are uncomfortable eating meat you could make a veggie stew! just chop up veggies like carrots, celery, potatoes and green beans or whatever else you might like, and then use a vegetable broth instead of a meat based broth. the only reason i was thinking beef stew might be good for me...
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