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I love Artistic Pursuits as well--it teaches art and art history in the same book. :)
Half will go to save for boring house-related obligations and half will be used to put in our travel fund (we go to Vietnamese culture camp every year in New York, so we will pay that off, plus put some towards our trip to Asia for 2013.)
My two older children are homeschooled...both have autism, auditory processing issues, various forms of dyslexia, and sensory issues.  I won't like...it is a CHALLENGE.  A huge busy frustrating challenge.  But short of placing them in a specialized autism school, there are no better options.  They are doing much better at home than they'd do anywhere else (DS fell over a year behind at his former school...and given that he was entering the 2nd grade, over a year behind...
I'm sorry this didn't get any response.  I'm just now seeing it.  How old are your kids?  Traditional Montessori is done in 3 year age groups--3-5 years old, 6-8 years old, etc.  So, most of the curriculum lends itself to age differences.  I homeschool 3 children, but our Montessori room is for the 2.5 and 4.5 year olds.  It works out really well, especially now that the 2 year old is getting older and doesn't eat all the work. ;-)  
Hi, mom to an adopted child of a different race from our family who has significant behavior issues and learning disabilities here.  Oh, and mom of a biological child of the same race as our family who has significant behavior issues and learning disabilities here.   1) Our kids are disciplined but still have autism, learning disabilities, and our child who was adopted has some serious trauma and abandonment issues.  Sorry, can't discipline those out of...
Yes, this.  I would  MUCH rather my children learn grace and courtesy than to have the best toys.  I buy my children exactly what I want them to have.  Other people gift what they feel the child would like.  We accept every gift with the grace and courtesy I want my children to learn.  After all, it's far better to learn to be polite than to always get what you want.  I do let my child have every gift they are given unless it is really an unsafe choice (very very very...
We carried over my family tradition of opening new PJs on Christmas Eve and DH's family tradition of opening up one gift on Christmas Eve.  We started Elf on the Shelf (well, a version with teddy bear elves since we didn't really want to spend $$$$ for the real ones) for our own kids--this will be the 3rd year doing it. :)
I watched it with my 7 year old after I previewed it the night before...it was a good program.    
My kids are Catholic and so they'll have wine at communion starting towards the end of 2nd grade.  My 7 year old has had a teeny tiny sip of beer once.  DH was drinking a beer and he wanted to know what it tasted like.  We're not big drinkers here (DH will have an occassional like once a month beer, if that and I might have a glass of sangria a couple times a year)...but I don't want him thinking it's forbidden fruit.  So, DH let him have a tiny sip and then we had a...
What text does HO level 2 use?  Because we use HO level 1, and the main textbook for it is Story of the World.  Children's History of the World is used occassionally with it as well.  So, basically, HO *is* Story of the World, with a few extra things added in...at least at level 1.    
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