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And as for what to do to prepare?  Probably just make sure your house is reasonably clean and make sure your kids have clothes on for the next week or so.  That way if they stop by, they can see that your children do in fact live in a house where they are cared for and they do in fact own clothing.  But, like I said, I doubt they'd be called for just that...especially if it's the first time it's happened.
Goodness, if CPS needs to be called every time a naked child was outside, we'd have to set up a tent for the CPS people in our front yard.  Our 2 year old is naked 99% of the time (not by my choice...she doesn't keep clothes on and I really don't think it's something I need to fight about.)  But...if she's naked, she's in the back yard (we have no neighbors on 3 sides of our house, and the other neighbor has a 6' privacy fence AND a 3 year old granddaughter who likes to...
Bet you can't guess when they rescheduled it...     If you guess this weekend, when we're supposed to see family for the first time in a year and a half, you'd be right.  *sigh*    
So, his big release was scheduled to be tomorrow.  We cleared the calendar, cancelled plans, and made arrangements for things to make sure the kids all were taken care of (scheduled some of my appointments around being able to bring the kids with me).  This morning, we learned it was cancelled yet again, with the new date sometime in September.  LOL....  Or maybe not LOL...we are booked solid every weekend through the end of the year.   Such is life around here.  *sigh*  
Yep, the only thing we needed was our homeschooling letter of intent from our district. :)
LOL....I guess the term "stubborn old lady" had to come from somewhere... ;-)   I told Dave about this and the first thing out of his mouth was "WHOA!  Nice control tactic...sell them their mansion, and then Steph and Jason can't leave the state.  Then they can move right next door or somewhere else really close and Steph would never get away from her for peace."   So um, guess he gets it. LOL!
It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for you guys (minus the crazy).  However, the one thing I can think of...having been in your house, aren't all the bedrooms upstairs?  How would MIL be able to use the bedroom if she can't climb stairs?  And does she realize that the chances of selling a house for what it's worth in this market are pretty slim.  And getting worse.  (They're now saying 2011 is the worst year on record for home sales).  I mean, even almost 1.5 years...
Yeah, this.     I have 2 girls and a boy.  Now, my girls are less than 2 years apart, and I thought it'd be awesome that I could pass clothes down, and toys, etc.  Except girl #1 is a total outdoorsy tomboy.  Hates dresses.  Loves pants...especially jeans.  Loves tennis shoes.  Girl #2?  Complete and utter princessy kid who refuses to wear pants.  She will only wear dresses and dress shoes.  So, there goes being able to pass down clothes.  She doesn't like the same rough...
  Where are you? Columbus, Oh What ages and styles are you using? 2 & 4 using Montessori, almost 8 years old is using hands-on montessori inspired eclectic Do you co-op? For 10 weeks in the fall and in the spring, we participate in a co-op one day a week.
Re cub scouts...I'm not sure your DH knows just how long cub scouts take.  All of our friends out here are in cub scouts, and not only is it a once a week meeting, but there seems to be some sort of weekend camping/family/etc activity at least once a month (several times a month in the summer), a week long scout camp, and the popcorn fundraiser that goes on for.e.ver.  We hardly see our friends during the school year because scouting takes up a crap-ton of time.  We...
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