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My sister & BIL had their first child last week. They had a boy & chose to keep him intact. They attended a discharge class before leaving the hospital along with all the other new parents leaving that day. The nurse teaching the class asked for everyone that had boys to raise their hand. She said several hands went up. The nurse then asked how many circumcised & all hands went down! Guess she didn't have to go over circumcision care. This just really made me smile:)
Just wanted to post an update. Our son went to the ped yesterday afternoon & was diagnosed with a bacterial infection on his foreskin. He prescribed an oral antibiotic which we started last night. Our son is already feeling a little better & says it only hurts a little bit when he urinates.   Thank y'all for the advice!
Thank you for your replies! I spoke with our ped this afternoon & he said it sounded like a forskin infection & recommended we put Neosporin on the infected area & to come in tomorrow if he is still experiencing pain. Yeast was mentioned by him as well.   Thank you again for the advice & the thread & I will update again in a day or two!
I also wanted to report that he only urinates a tiny amount & then hops off the toilet saying "it hurts, it hurts!". He has said a few times this morning that he "doesn't want to pee pee". He even had a big accident just a bit ago from holding it back. I have read that sometimes it's painful when the glans separate from the forskin. He doesn't have any other symptoms of a UTI (no fever, doesn't feel sick at all & is playing normally). I really don't want to take him to...
Hi, our 3 year old son has irritation on the backside of his penis. He told my husband last night that it hurt when he peed in the potty & there is irritation & some blood when he wiped it. Today, there isn't any blood, but it does appear irritated, similar to diaper rash. He again said it hurt when he went to the bathroom & actually cried:(. I do not see any irritation anywhere else other than the backside of the penis. What could this be & what should we do to clear it...
Thanks SilverFish, I borrowed that book from a friend & it is a good one. I think I will buy a couple of copies of "So that's What They're For". I see you can get it pretty cheap on ebay. I read some reviews and it does sound like a great book. I'll give one to my cousin as a gift and keep one for my library. I'll pass my copy down to my sister when she & her new DH have a baby Thanks again everyone!
SliverFish-is the Dr Jack Newman book "The ultimate breastfeeding book of answers : the most comprehensive problem-solving guide to breastfeeding from the foremost expert in North America" the one you are talking about? If so, I have read it & it's great. Has he written any other books?
Thanks for the book suggestions everyone
Hello, I have a young cousin that I don't know very well that is expecting her first baby in a few weeks. My Aunt says she plans to breastfeed and I noticed her registry has a breast pump, milk storage bags, nursing cover and a bobby. Most of my relatives have formula fed, so I am not sure how much support she will get. I do know her doctor has told her that breastfeeding is healthiest for her baby & that's why she is choosing to breastfeed. I am still breastfeeding our 24...
Hi everyone, my DS is 23 months old and is down to only nursing 1 time right before bed. It's been this way for several months now. He also only nurses a few minutes and then is done. I really am ready for him to wean completely. I have been replacing the time he'd be nursing with bathtime and then DH rocks him. I really want to gently wean, but am just not comfortable nursing past age 2. I've been doing this the past 3 days & have only nursed him once when he was really,...
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