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Crazy for sure!!! A year ago, I was convinced that we were done with the 3 boys, and I was completely content. Oops . . . and along came a Rosalie! And I'm so happy that our plan didn't work out!
Just joined!
very interesting!! I actually lived in Iceland for 3 years! Loved it there!
I can only imagine how difficult that is!
"nak" - nursing at keyboard Also - for the plugged ducts - I get those at least once per baby. I eat lots of raw garlic - I swallow the cloves whole. I also put cold cabbage leaves directly on the breast, and keep changing them often throughout the day. It works for me everytime.
Every baby that I have had . . . 4 now . . . has had perfect latches. With my first baby it hurt to nurse for about 3 weeks, even though he had a perfect latch. It hurt for about 2 weeks with my 2nd baby. It didn't hurt at all, not for one second with my 3rd baby . . . but I had been nursing my 2nd baby while pregnant with him. And it hurt for about 2 weeks with my 4th baby. I think there might be some women out there that never have any pain while nursing (at the...
Rosalie is doing very well. She will be 6 weeks this Wednesday. She is such a good sleeper. After two really NON sleepers, I am so thankful that she likes her sleep. She only wakes up once each night to nurse, so she gets 4-5 hour stretches at a time. And she takes really long naps throughout the day. Sometimes I worry that she's not eating enough, but she's growing and she's not fussy!
My husband just gave my baby a bottle tonight for the first time to practice for next week. She took to it immediately and drank it all down. (only about 3 ounces) This is our 4th baby and first time he's ever gotten to feed one of his babies! He enjoyed it very much! ANd she was still hungry after the 3 ounces, so I nursed her right after he was done. Worked out just fine. I feel alot better now!
It's hard to listen to a baby cry! I find it very frustrating myself, and I have a very easy and low key baby this time around! However, she still wants to be held all the time, and I have 4 children and can't hold her all the time. I have to put her down sometimes. So, there are times that I have to put her in her swing or bouncy chair and she screams her head off, until I can pick her back up again. It's so hard. The newborn stage, while it may seem like it lasts...
I am having an outpatient surgery next week. I will go under general anesthesia. My plan is to pump enough for her to eat in the time frame that I am gone. When I get home I plan to nurse her right away. I don't plan on pumping and dumping. My reading has led me to believe that as soon as I am awake and able to hold her, there is not enough in my milk to hurt baby. I have never given any of my babies a bottle of anything before, so my 4th child and the first one to...
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