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I don't do well baby visits either. I don't vaccinate my children either. I avoid the ped at all costs, because it's usually full of sick children . . . and I don't want to take my healthy children/baby to a place that's full of germs! The first time I ever took Jonathan, my 3rd child to the ped, was when he was 2 years 3 months old. I took him for a well child only because he'd never been before and we are getting ready to move, and look for a new ped. I thought...
Absolutely change the name. You can start calling her the new name now, but I am pretty sure that you need to wait until you have the birth certificate to change it legally. We are going to change our baby's middle name. Less of a big deal because it's the middle, but we are certain that we chose the wrong middle name, so we are changing it. I've already put her "new" middle name on the birth announcements.
DiD, wow, I am so sorry to hear all of that. Glad to hear he recovered well from the RSV. I imagine it must be extremely difficult to not really have any answers. I hope that you are able to get some answers, and that they are all what you want to hear.
Bathrobe Goddess . . . I hope baby comes this weekend! Rosalie is doing great. She's my best sleeper yet and I am so thankful! What was the magical recipe for cradle cap??? Didn't we discuss that her at some point before all the babies were born? Rosalie doesn't have it yet, but I want to stay on top of it.
We are changing Rosalie's middle name. We have to wait until we get the birth certificate, then we can legally change it. It wasn't until we got home from the hospital - after all the paperwork had already been done - that I just couldn't see her with that middle name. So, we decided to change it.
Wow!! Congratulations - that's quite a big boy you have and amazing that you were able to get through all that and have him naturally! Great job!
I just had my 4th child, and will tell you that I found going from 1 to 2 to be my greatest challenge. It takes time to adjust to splitting your time and attention.
Welcome Pelham and Congratulations!
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