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Yay!!!! Congrats!
Sweet story indeed!! Congratulations!
Congratulations!! I went through the same thing with my 3rd son . . . long back labor followed by Csection.
Wow!!! That is amazing! Congratulations!
Congratulations!!!! Welcome, Lola!
I completely understand - I did 30 + hours of a no drug labor with baby #3 - 8 of those hours being fully dilated, but unable to push because he was stuck. You ROCK!!! Glad to hear that she's here and doing well. Can't wait to hear the full story!
Congratulations on your girl!!!
Same story here . . .2 normal vaginal deliveries, and my 3rd was a Csection after about a 30 hour labor. Very disappointing, but at the same time, by the time I had been in labor for that long, I would have let them pull him out of my ears if necessary! Congratulations!! I know that recovery from a Csection is difficult, so I hope you have lots of help! And rest, because you really need it!
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