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Oh, now DiD!!! I really hope that you don't! I can only imagine how painful that is! I keep checking this page continuously waiting for new birth announcements! And I just want to tell everyone who is miserable and waiting, I hope that the misery is over soon and you are enjoying your new baby very soon!! I know how hard it is and really wish you all the very best!
Congratulations on your sweet girl!
Congratulations . . . what a wonderful birth story!
Congratulations on your gorgeous girl!
Awww, congratulations!!! Great 1000th post for sure!
Congratulations on your baby girl!!
Congratulations! I can't wait to hear her name! It's amazing how much easier it is to push out the 2nd baby. . . not to mention she was much smaller!
Congratulations! Great birth, it sounds like!
Wow! Congratulations! Sorry your husband missed it, though! Can't wait to hear more details.
Yay for your homebirth! Congratulations!
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