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So, apparently it was the real thing yesterday!!! I waited and waited to make sure and finally went in at about 3:45 to be checked by my OB, and he said I was completely thinned out and almost 5 cm. So, we headed to the hospital . . . checked in at 4:05 PM and had her at 6:30 PM. It was a crazy whirlwind, and not at all what we were used to . . . we usually have long drawn out labors! But she came fast! My hands are still killing me from all the swelling, so I'll...
Hospital birth for me. I might try the belly lift. I do not have fast labors at all. My labors tend to be very long and drawn out. My last labor ended in Csection. So, we are being more cautious this time around.
Wow, that's just amazing. I can't imagine a fast birth like that! YAY!!!
My contractions are starting to hurt a little and are about 5-7 minutes apart. I sure hope that this goes somewhere. It's such a disappointment when they go away!
I am having my 4th baby . . . and have been having some good contractions between 5-7 minutes all morning . . . and I still have no clue whether or not I am going into labor! It's a major guessing game! I am just waiting around to see if they closer and more painful. We shall see!
I'm having some good, strong, and regular contractions today . . . but I am not getting my hopes up. They'll probably go away just like all the others have!
I'm doing a little better today than yesterday. I feel as though I am on an emotional roller coaster. I can't really say I am at peace in the wait for this baby. It's alot of ups and downs waiting and wondering when the time will be. I am so frustrated with my hands that it's extremely difficult to get past it. I hope I go into labor before Friday. We shall see.
I hope you have a quick and safe delivery!
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