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That's tough. I have no idea what I would do! So sorry you are having to deal with this right now!
I can't even imagine how you managed pitocin with no drugs!! Congratulations!
Wow, that just really stinks! I am so sorry to hear that! I am with you on the jumping off of a bridge, though! I am so ready to be done!
Definitely first timers can do that. But there's no way that I could do that with 3 other children running around. (although it would defnitely be nice to spend the entire first week just caring for new baby!!!) Oh, and the belly thing . . . all 3 of my boys were belly sleepers from almost the beginning. I wouldn't worry too much about baby sleeping on the belly. I worried about that alot with my first, but finally realized that he just slept better that way.
Awww congratulations, DiD! Woohoo!!! More babies.
I have had 3 babies and still can't answer to how many pads you would need. Everyone is different, and I don't even remember how many I went through. And it was a little different for me each time. I dont' remember about color and how it changed after baby was born.
Awww, how wonderful!!! How amazing that must have been!
Congratulations!!! Wow!! 40 hours . . . that was like my 3rd baby!
I do hope you can get someone to help you through this! Adding that second baby is hard no matter what . . . but you've got some extra hard stuff you are dealing with in the midst of it all. Hang in there, and please call for help!
Wow this thread is busy today! Definitely evidence that we are all antsy and ready to meet our little babes! I have been in much better spirits today. I really hope baby comes soon, but there is just no telling! I had some bloody show and loose bowels today. Both good signs. But no contractions really. I have had some strange low cramping, but not contractions. We shall see!
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