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Awww, gotta love the candid truth that comes from the mouth of babes!
DiD,I hope your birthing goes well! Hang in there everyone. I had a great night sleep last night. I so desperately needed it after having no sleep the night before in labor and delivery. I feel so much better today. . . and I'm looking forward to the week. I hope this week goes quickly and that more of us will be holding our babies!
Your dh sounds wonderful. I hope that he's home with you when it's time!
They were 5-7 minutes apart for over an hour . . . and they were good strong ones. They started to be more along the lines of 5 and a few 3's. So, I called and the doctor told me to go ahead and go in. So, I spent the night in labor and delivery. They kept me overnight to observe . . . Rich went home to get a couple hours of sleep. By 6 AM, they were good and strong and hurting. By about 8:30 - they had completely stopped! So, home I went. You'd think that by...
Aww!!! Adorable! Congratulations!
YAY!!! Congrats on the natural birth!! And your beautiful baby boy!
I am pleased that tomorrow is February! My husband is very excited about the Superbowl tomorrow, and has expressed his wishes for me to not have the baby during the game! I can't imagine that I would go that early anyway. My due date is the 6th . . . and I don't imagine that I will go earlier than the 6th. We shall see!
Wishing you well, today, Starling. You'll be holding that babe soon! I was wondering about that labor cocktail too!! I am having a hard time reading about these wonderful births that are happening . . . because I so desperately want to go into labor! My hands are about to do me in. Hopefully this week sometime.
Congratulations! WOOHOO!
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