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I buy jarred tomatoes, roast them with some carrots, celery and onions, pop into vitamix with some hot water or veggie stock. And there you have some awesome tomato soup.  
Do you have an attorney? It might be worthwhile to check with one. If your children are doing well at home I see no reason why this situation needs to change but in my experience thus far the courts can be a tad unpredictable, and laws vary from place to place. Having someone advise you never hurts.  
This part struck me as very odd, but then again maybe she just needed to confirm that you had no ill intent and was feeling better about things which is why she told you to have a nice day. Regardless, I feel like her threatening to have you put in the school newsletter was WAY over the top and please speak with your principle about that ASAP just to confirm she cannot slander you like that.
A lot of my life lately feels like driving full speed into a brick wall. And then having the screen writers from Ground Hog Day work their magic, reset it and force me to repeat it until I get it right.    Whatever happens, I think it's the journey and not the destination that matters. I can't tell you that everything will be okay, but for your sake I really hope that it will be, and that your journey in getting there will help you find that okay place. And do enjoy...
The other day I was on the phone with a friend of mine when my daughter, who is three, asked if she could say hi. I handed her the phone and instead of saying hi she told my friend "My mommy has BIIIIG boobies" and then hung up. I was to embarrassed to call her back.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephandOwen During ex's 2 minute and 36 second phone call today () he only seemed interested in finding something, anything, that could be used against me in court. Wonderful way to treat ds. He said hi to ds, ds said hi to him. Ex told ds to tell him 1 thing that he did this weekend. DS told him "on saturday night I got to sleep in my mom and dad's bed!". Ex's response? "Why would you do that? You're a big boy. You shouldn't...
I guess this makes me kind of a bad person, but I would post a picture of her she doesn't want ANYONE seeing. OR; just don't respond to her, she baited you by posting those pictures, and yes it was rude, it sucks. By not responding to her, you don't give her what she wants.
I think that he should look into a community based trade school. Where I live each of the close community colleges also runs a trade program that can be fit into almost any work schedule. They are very flexible as far as payments go as well. If you have anything like that near him/you perhaps you should look into it?
I'm just kind of curious, but why do you think Owen's father is so hellbent on hurting you? I have never understood men who hold these grudges even after "moving on" and finding other partners.
We occasionally get black widows in the house, they usually get stuck under a cup and thrown back into the garden. I've found that they are generally easy to trap and deal with, though I do not know of any way of keeping them out of the house. They're scary, but if you don't disturb them they stay to themselves.
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