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Still here...41 + 6 days. Going for my second attempt at a stretch and sweep tomorrow. The first attempt was a no-go because my cervix was too closed yesterday. I have not been able to sleep very well because my mind is racing. Now that I have an induction plan for Thursday night, I'm having a bit of a freak out. I want to make the best decision for my baby, but it's so hard to figure out what that is! I should be out walking my butt off, but I've been laying on...
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Caitlyn~ Please keep us posted... I'm so curious about this option... this induction stuff has my head spinning. I feel like I am living the expression 'darned if you do... darned if you don't...' My fear is that if I keep fighting off induction until Friday (assuming all is well with NST's and BPP's...) just to be induced... with an even bigger baby (Est. fetal weight was at 9lbs15ozs last week)... I'll end up in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by ckirchmiller Castor oil results: 12:30 water broke, contractions started soon after, diarrhea inconvenient but not too bad overall. No vomiting or anything. Will post after baby. I say go for it! What an exciting update!!!
I'm planning to join you mamas in your CD adventures, but I need a baby first! My stash is a mixture of different types. For newborn phase, I'm going with flats and prefolds, plus a few fitted Sandys with covers. I also have Mother Ease one-sizes and Bum Genius pockets for later, as well as a couple of Apple Cheeks and Sandys. Can't wait to try them out!
Congratulations Octobermoon! I'm sorry to hear you had such a scary experience. Thank God everything turned out okay. You are one tough cookie for managing that drug free, pitocin induced labour!
Congrats! What a cutie!
Quote: Originally Posted by robbins611 Ladies, I really really suggest castor oil induction before giving into riskier methods. It is a time honored and safe method. All of the rumors on mec staining due to castor oil are just rumors. A review of the studies showed that there was no increase risk to mother or baby from taking castor oil on or after term. It can make you miserable...but pitocin definitely will, and is much more likely to hurt you or...
Quote: Originally Posted by ckirchmiller ME! 42+1 here. Physically, I feel great! I've even been sleeping well. Emotionally...well, I have my ups and downs. I lost my homebirth as of this morning, and then freaked out when I realized I couldn't put any new images of birth in my head. I cried from 1 a.m. till dawn. But then I pulled myself together and came up with a list of questions for my midwife about the hospital birth, and found some peace....
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