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Do you have a playpen/pack-n-play you could put him in to do things like vaccuming, dishes, etc? Or put him in his high chair with some cheerios or a few little toys while you do some cleaning?
My suggestion would be to 'schedule' blocks of time to do these 'chores'. Like spend 30 minutes in the morning on the bathrooms, then spend 30 minutes in the afternoon on the kitchen, and then 30 minutes in the evening on the living room. I know it's hard to walk past 15 toys in the floor, but just pick them up once - during your 'scheduled' cleaning time. Does this make sense?
I have some things that I do that help me, and I'll come back and share them later...don't have much time now, gotta get the kiddies in bed. But I have a question for those who don't sort their laundry - how do you keep your whites white when you wash them with the colors??? THis sounds so nice, but I can't figure out how you keep things from turning other things funky colors!
Quote: Originally Posted by kirstenb I love how you did your bathroom! I took some mental notes for my own... Thanks, Kirsten! I still have some 'decorating things' I want to do, but the organizing is pretty much done.
Okay, I have a post on my blog about my Organized Master Bathroom so hop on over there to check it out. It's small, but it is working for us.
We got moved into our new house this past weekend, and so far, here's what I've done: I have organized the TINY cabinets under our vanity and the the little 'above the potty' cabinet in our bathroom. I still need to hang something on the walls though...but other than that, it's pretty much done. I'll try to get pics today while DH is up (he works 3rd shift and has to sleep during the day) around lunch time. I've organized the cabinets in the kids' bathroom, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by lovelysunlight I do have a question, though...we'll be selling our house in a few years (DH is in the military & we move frequently), and I've been wondering...did the house having shutters influence your decision to buy in any way? No, I wouldn't say it influenced our decision per se, we bought this house b/c it had several things we wanted. BUT, I will say that it was a good "perk", b/c I think they are BEAUTIFUL...
Oh yeah...reuse it! No shame in that!
Quote: Originally Posted by sewsew Oh and just wanted to add that MOST of my shoes are bought on clearance for under $10 a pair - MOST EXPENSIVE pair was $40 dollars for a pair for a real wedding I was in and I just got rid of them in this year's purge! So while I collect shoes - it's not THAT expensive - NOW MY FABRIC STASH - well let's not go there shall we? Haha! But hey...that's still aroune $1000!!! Do you have insurance coverage for...
Bathroom cabinets. Hall Closet Kitchen cabinets Pantry Laundry Room Just go through your house and write down every area/room you have. Then, cross off the ones you have done and go to one you haven't.
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