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Lol! I have to agree about the formula! I babysat a little boy who used formula and there's nothing worse than listening to a hungry baby scream while you fix up a bottle! I had so much sympathy for this Mama!
I think just about everyone believes in some level of natural instinct/intuition...EXCEPT (seemingly) when it comes to taking charge of your own birth. I mean, most of parenting...particularly the infant years is nearly ALL instinct/intuition. 
  Poor Mama!   i knew a woman who had something similar going on, and I cannot imagine how one survives with so little sleep on a regular basis. Not to mention the affect upon the entire family.    I am a strong supporter of co-sleeping,but as a pp mentioned, there are methods of CIO that are more sympathetic to attachment parenting.
  Or, at least, that's what I always thought was MEANT by intuition and UC....natural instinct and then following up with educated preparedness.   
We practiced EC and by 9 months, we absolutely were getting no wet diapers all night long...which, for us, was about 12 hours. (10pm to 10am?)    Obviously, if it seems out of nowhere, then maybe something is up, but we saw the same thing...a gradual shift to completely dry all night. 
As to the original question, Absolutely. I wish we had the set-up you described! We move constantly, and haven't had a yard in over a year...what I wouldn't give!! When I was growing up, we always had a huge fenced in backyard, and my brother and I spent nearly all our waking ours outside without our parents..some of the best memories of my childhood!    As to the bathtub issue...I'm sort of surprised at the responses.   I DO think that cars are more dangerous...
Are you saying that you would be concerned that you might not be able to tell when something was wrong?   Idk, I think intuition will play a large role in why i will feel comfortable choosing UC next go around, but that doesn't mean that I will have 100% assurance that I will catch something wrong with the pregnancy or birth. I think that I will be comfortable with taking on that responsibility though rather than handing it off to another caretaker.    If you...
Cuntastic has an update as well.    It's really just ludicrous and just one more confirmation of my anarchist status. To think of a black market for birthing pools. LOL!
Anarchist! Well, Voluntaryist is the name I prefer.    And, absolutely pro-choice.    (planning for a UC whenever #2 comes along)
Have you spoken to your BF about your feelings? It sounded in your post as though maybe you hadn't. Unless you've made your feelings clear to her previously, it's entirely possible that she's unaware of the whole situation.    Does your daughter have other little friends? Is she bothered by this little boy's behavior? It does sound like he's a bit rude and disrespectful to her, but it sounds so extreme to dissolve your entire relationship with this woman and her...
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