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Oh, I forgot to mention...there was a nifty widget that you could put on your sidebar that kept track of who commented on your blog and would post the top 5...I had it on my sight for a while, and I think people really liked it because the more they commented on your site, the more advertisement their own site and your top posts got right on your front page! I can't think of the name of it right now, but you might be able to search for it.
I think everyone's right that posting on other blogs is pretty much the main way to get followers...or hits. When I first started my blog, I went crazy posting comments on every blog I even slightly liked. I got a ton of followers right away, but not very many comments. Now, I'm a bit pickier about what blogs I post my comments to meaning that our blogs normally share some very obvious thing in common...making it more likely that if THAT blogger comes to my page he or...
sounds wonderful! Too bad we won't be arriving on the island until the 8th! Does Normal Birth Hawaii have any regular meetings?
Meh, my feeeling is that however nice it might be to have an established 7-8 pm bedtime, it's just unrealistic for a lot of babies/toddlers. Ds knows the name of whatever book we are currently reading to bed, and I don't even attempt the bedtime routine until he requests the book by name. So, bedtime varies wildly from 8-midnight. I used to fight it, but the decrease in stress for our family that came from listening to ds rather than cultural expectations were well...
Ds is going through a phase like this right now. He used to take the longest. Baths ever, but will scream as though we're butchering him whenever we attempt one now. It's been a little over two weeks now and mostly we're following his lead and not forcing anything. Unfortunately, he does have masses of hair!!
DS just turned 18 months and has always been a VERY happy baby. Very lovey even while being very independent.That's not to say he's been an "easy" baby... He's certainly always had a mind of his own...which is a GREAT thing!...but until these past two weeks he's never thrown any tantrums. Somehow I thought that by raising him as AP and naturally as possible...i.e. treating him like an individual from birth with respect and love, that we would skip this "stage". I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by tylerdylan "Terrible twos" just sounds better than terrible ones, but I agree it starts earlier than 2. DS1 was around 18 months and believe it or not DS2 was more like 15 months!!! And just to warn you now.....the "troublesome threes" and the "f#@*ing fours" aren't any better!!! I'm still deciding what I think of age 5 (somedays I think it's the worst one yet while other days I like it!). lol...
We'll be moving to Oahu in 10 days...Kailua to be exact, and I've keep hearing that there's a private AP playgroup on the island. Does anyone have the link? or know of it?
Hi Mamas! We'll be moving to Kailua, Oahu on July 8th! I'm so excited, and anxious to start meeting like-minded Mamas right away. We'll be bus-bound as well, but let me know if anyone plans a playgroup and we'll be sure to come! My little guy is 18 months today! Did someone else post who lived in Kailua? What area...we'll be living practically next door to the rec center.
I don't think you're crazy...and I DO think that children will voluntarily give up nursingand cosleeping although ds at 18 months shows no real sign of giving up either! My two cents is that you should follow your own instincts and only change things if YOU want them to change
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