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Just wondering if there are other parents with babies with MCAD? Medium Chain Acyol Deficiency Syndrom...a fatty acid disorder? We have a 15 month premie by 12 weeks who was confirmed with it in the newborn screen...just wondering if there are more out there?
I sat on bedrest for 15 DAYS after my water broke! Once it breaks usually you deliver in 24 hours but not always. They monitored me closely at the hospital until she came on her own...they couldn't stop labor..just shy of 34 weeks...so she was 6 weeks premature. So you can go for quite awhile!
Hi Mom of Nick, I too have a premie with MCAD...she was born 12 weeks early. How old is your little guy and hows it going? We live in an area with great Drs to meet with us and help us through! We have found the fodsupport.org helpful too...sometimes I like to google living with MCAD and read their stories and how managable this really is. Good luck with your premie. We were told to play the lottery..after prematurity and MCAD!
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