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Emma went through a bolting phase that lasted almost her entire second year, she doesn't do it now except when we travel on ferries. All we could do was prevent it, I did have to keep her in her stroller sometimes, when my pregnancy with my second landed me on partial bedrest and chasing her wasn't an option.
Sometimes mine is about venturing into unschooling, as a lifestyle. Other times it's about struggling with anger, as a mother. Other times it's about healing and spirituality. And other times it' about all kinds of stuff, it's fairly new and I have a lot I want to write about in it. Blogging is a fun addiction, I've loved visiting many blogs I've visited through mdc, though I rarely comment.
Piglet, what I've found for waking Emma up early when her bedtimes where getting too late is to do the earlier waking in a slow 15 minute increments, 2 week progression instead of drastically earlier over a day or two.
You guys are lucky your kids quietly entertain themselves. I've tried non-coercive bedtimes, but my DD is a very loud, rambunctious, and needy girl, so I'm unable to keep the baby sleeping, who happens to need more sleep at night than Emma does. It's really frustrating, I'd love for Emma to go to bed when she wants to, but during the month we tried this, the baby was stressing out at night because she was being woken up so much, if she goes to sleep and I make Emma stay...
Quote: Originally Posted by Maple Leaf Mama This is so disturbing! And ya know what really bothers me? That there are so many parents out there that think this is the only way kids should be raised. They are as dogmatic in their beliefs as we are. And what worries me is that in 12-14 years, my DD could be potentially dating these boys. This horrifies me. Or reproducing with them...I cant imagine how I'd react if my grandchildren where treated...
I'm not sure there is a quick fix for this that is in anyway gentle, every 3-4 yr old I know does this, and most kids I know of all ages do this when their parents are on the phone, an elderly man recently told me that his adult children STILL do this to him.
Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama But I can see now that there are some differences, too -- maybe related to the beliefs of the individual founders of the two philosophies. I know Sarah Fitz-Claridge founded Taking Children Seriously: who founded the Consensual Living philosophy? I've assumed it was WuWei/Pat and her friend Anna? The concept occurs in many different sources, but as far as the actual expression used to describe the lifetyle...
Brilliant idea! And so, what do you do as the baby advances upon it? I know that as soon as Sara is mobile she'll want to follow Emma everywhere she goes. I've contemplated getting a playpen, for Emma (3 yr old) to be able to go into to avoid her sister, and to play with small choking hazard type things. Wondering if a playpen might work better since the baby really can't get into it for some time?
I really can't afford to buy this book right now, but I wish to know more. Care to share what she suggests for helping preschoolish aged kids get more sleep? I take it she's not sleep trainer per se, but what methods DOES she suggest, if anyone can share some info until my book budget isn't as depleted as it currently is.
I'm on a small gulf island in BC, and BC is laid back with regards to homeschooling as well. I used to think unschooling sounded crazy, but after reading wacks on it, and following some experiences of unschoolers with older kids, and numerous conversations with DH, we're definitely moving into it, as a lifestyle in many ways as well too. Our community here is small, but there are some homeschoolers here and we are all friendly with each other.
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