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ds3 is 5 yo and still happily cosleeping ds2 is 10 yo and was occasionally sleeping with me and his little brother until a couple of months ago - he's welcome to come back any time if he needs to ds1 is 17 and hasn't coslept for about 9 yrs you're not "too attached", it's normal for mammals to keep our littlies close
dear oh dear! this is what i find when wasting my time wandering around mdc!!! a link to the original red tent thread, where i say I'm feeling perimenopausal then have unexpected ds3 show up : he's now a gorgeous 5 yo
def stop the banana lots of bm and some diluted prune juice if your baby can manage it
my oldest ds was about 8 before he got bumwiping under control he has many allergies and this caused two problems - the smell on his hands made him gag or throw up (hyperactive gag reflex and very sensitive sense of smell associated with allergies) and if there was any poo left on his bum he would get terrible rashes (more like a burn, really painful).. i just kept helping him when he asked, much the same as i was happy for him to cosleep till he was OK about spending...
Darshani you are such a shining example, your posts are always full of compassion and understanding and love and wisdom
none of my kids have put on much weight between three and four years, grown taller, yes, but certainly thinned out oldest and youngest were chubby babies who dropped from top of the charts to around 50th percentile for weight, and ds2 has always been thin but oh so healthy!
Quote: Originally Posted by zenenlightened It is only THE BEST Vampire movie ever!!!! I had in mind something more in the line of Peter Pan
haven't seen the lost boys.. I'm waiting for dh to arrive home with dinner - it's been a horrible hot week and still waiting for temp to drop and rain to start and NO WAY am i going to do hot stuff in the kitchen and here he is!
about 2 yrs after weaning my ds2 I expressed watery stuff from my breasts in the shower one morning and wondered what was up - realised a week or so later I was pregnant with ds3!
I was going to recommend http://www.feralcheryl.com.au/ but it seems she's no longer in production
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