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I too was hoping the full moon would bring on labor, but here I sit 41 weeks and no baby
Yes it is. My sister tested negative 3 times at 22 weeks and at 30 weeks! She is heavily overweight and always has her period all 9 months so she tests frequently. She was even tested at the hospital and they told her she was maybe 10-12 weeks pregnant and that same day had a ultraound when they couldnt stop her contrax and they said she was maybe 28 weeks. Then she delivered that same day with neonatal back up care there to care for baby and a full term 10 pound 11 oz...
To be 100% effaced and not in labor? Just curious, I havent been checked lately I am now 41 weeks. But at my 39 week appt I was already 80% effaded they thought for sure I would go into labor. And here I am still pregnant and very uncomfortable!
I am doing some craft projects with ds. We made a hand print wreath and I made some famous art flashcards for him, since he has gotten into it some.
Sounds like a great labor and happy baby :-)
I am so anxious to have this baby. DS came at 38 weeks and here I am over 40 weeks with baby #2. I know my due date was accurate since I know when I ovulate etc, but I do not understand what the hold up is. The midwives said the baby was about 8 pds 3 weeks ago. And now when I ask they just laugh and say 20 pds. DS was 7 /11. I had predromal labor at 34-38 weeks and havent had much since.!!!! Last time I was checked I was 2 cm and 80% effaced over a week ago. So...
I too have always been a crier, but I am beyond emotional now! I have been crying nightly and am pretty much unconsolable.
Well I can whine with you. My ds came at 38 weeks, so I was sure this baby would come around that time as well. I know when I ovulate and it is always around the 12th as opposed to the 14th day, making my duie date a bit earlier. I have been 2 cm dialted and 70% effaced with no change for weeks and am unbearingly uncomfortable. I am now 40 weeks.
What a great birth story and wonderful npics as well. Glad you were so comfortable during your labor!
My boobs have recently started tingling off and on. I remember when I had this with ds, but find it odd since he still nurses (2 1/2) and I am getting that feeling. Anyone else? Maybe it means I will meet this baby soon.
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