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this.  all of it.    
i have never heard anyone call a mother selfish before.  
teachers in our district start at 33K/year.  and after many years of experience it doens't go much higher.  
wow, insidevoice, that is a very kind and generous thing for you to do.
when i think of a mother's helper i think of a young (pre babysitting age) child who assists you while you are in the house - not a college student.  it sounds to me like you are looking for a housekeeper/part time nanny.  what to pay them would really depend on the going rate in your area. 
i was born the day nixon was inaugurated.  i guess technically i could pick nixon or johnson but i chose nixon.
my husband travels weekly for work.  he would never ask me to transport him to/from airport.     company paid cab has my vote.  
i live in the driftless area of wisconsin.  it is very beautiful here.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driftless_Area  
a very fancy coffee maker vitamix blender bicycle ipad camera new phone   so many choices.  enjoy your shopping!
i think it is hard to get a definitive number but if you look online the number is in the several thousand deaths per year from coal.  and that is likely just from mining.  
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