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I'm 168.6 today. I'm holding in the 160s which pleases me, now I need to break a sweat more often!
170.0 today. I know why and I had a fine time! Lol. Recommitting!
I'm 168.0 this morning. I've been going to the gym after two weeks off and doing a lot of yard work on top of 13 hour shifts where I usually don't sit. Also my TSH level is down from 28 to 11 which is an improvement but still too high so my Synthroid was increased to 200 mcg. I've also been thinking about intermittent fasting. http://documentaryheaven.com/eat-fast-and-live-longer/
169.8. I was 166 midweek but slipped a bit.
I love MFP! I find it super easy to track my food and exercise and I have encouraging friends on it. I also like some of the groups for great advice.
:joylilacvioletiris! I just read your byline - congrats congrats congrats!!!!:joy
168.4! I'm excited. I buckled down after the Easter madness and I brought all my food to work (and no money so I wouldn't be tempted). I also had some crazy shifts at work where I didn't eat between breakfast at 0600 and getting home at 1945 which probably helped. My goal now is to stay in the 160s, not visit briefly as per usual.
I was in the high 160s last week but a visit to my inlaws took care of that. They eat recreationally with bowls of chocolate everywhere and I have no willpower around that kind of stuff. Today I am 5'6" and 173.4lbs. It's on!!!! Good luck, great workouts and resolve of steel to all! ;p
I'm in again!
170.4 this morning. Great luck with your egg retrieval Lilacvioletiris!! Thanks for your efforts on the thread as well.
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