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Quote: Originally Posted by joy_seeker I'm sorry but I think putting a nine year old on a diet is the WORST thing you could do. It would set him up for a lifetime of not trusting his body and feeling that an outside source is better equipped to tell him what, when and how much to eat. Getting to the root of the problem will take longer but will have longer lasting benefits than a diet IMHO. I agree with this. Keep him active. Keep feeding him...
Quote: Originally Posted by thyra Get a lawyer, wait for him to sue for visitation. Is his name on the birth certificate? If not, He has no rights and must prove paternity before he has any. Looks like you said he has no rights to me. Edit-Regardless, you are talking to this person about how to circumvent Dad's request for visitation. Whether or not that's appropriate legal advice, I'd rather it didn't happen here. Do it in Single...
Yes, please move to Single Parenting if this is going to go in the "Dad has no rights" direction. I don't feel that is appropriate for the Dads forum.
When my daughter was three months old, this wouldn't have been feasible because she was nursing. If you are nursing her, I don't think he's making much sense. If you're not...I think he has a point. But I'm not a lawyer. I would consult a lawyer or otherwise do research to find out what is common in your area.
Quote: Originally Posted by sophmama Do you think it's a good idea to require kids finish the food that they ask for? A few points: I'm not in a financial position to throw away a lot of food. Both of my kids will ask for things (foods they're familiar with - not trying something new) and then take a bite and then say they don't want it and want something else. My 3 year old would love to change his mind about what he wants to eat a dozen times a...
Go play disc golf at Shenley.
Quote: Originally Posted by MittensKittens So far so weird, but she actually added "What am I supposed to do, then?" and then turned to her child and said, "Should I give you a beating then?". She smiled, and they went on their way. Gentle discipline gone wrong there.
How did the OP even post here? Quote: We have also placed a viewing access restriction on the forum so that you must be a member for 60 days and have 50 posts before you can see the forum or post to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie Great, now I have a vision in my head of one of the kids' friends tossing the Wii over the balcony... More commonly the Wii-mote is thrown into the TV if you forget to use the strap.
This has been an interesting thread, thanks for the information. I particularly didn't know that it was uncomfortable for a child to hold an adult's hand for a period of time.
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