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My favorite salad ever:  Mix of romaine and spinach, sliced sweet apples, pecans, gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette.  Delicious.       
Mrs B--  It sounds like you are trying to weed through alot of this on your own.  Can you find an OT, or speech therapist or doctor who is specialized and can lead you down this road?  I'm not one to normally ask for help, but you might need some.  Do you do OT through early intervention?  Your coordinator should be able to point you in the right direction for some help. If you can find a support network with parents (IRL or web) that have been or are in similar...
Yikes!  Sorry to hear this Mama.  Teething for us seems like a life long battle, so I know your (and your child's pain).  DS has always struggled.  Most recently, he has struggled with the same 2 molars for what seems like forever.  For minor tooth pain, hylands teething tablets work.  For major pain, I use a combination of kids relief pain and fever (they have a teething formula too) and motrin.  I really don't care to use motrin or tylenol (especially with all the...
Hi!  I've been lurking for a while now...think I'm ready to join now.  I have one DS (almost 4!) and have had 3 early losses.  We were trying for 2 years and by a miracle of God got pregnant.  I'm due mid August.  I'm so thankful for every moment of this pregnancy.  I'm trying to focus on being positive and not worry about what could happen.  The birth of my DS was very traumatic, so I am working on processing my feelings still and how to successfully birth my baby...
's MAnna.  Thinking of you and saying some prayers. 
Hi ladies!!  I wanted to pop in to check in on Corgi.  GREAT NEWS for you and Stacey!!  Yay!   Zub--  Hoping and praying I'll be joining you soon.  I'm not testing until the weekend (if I make it).  Blame MAnna!  She dared me!  ;)     Continuing to send happy, sticky baby vibes and prayers to all. 
I'm totally thread crashing here, BUT was away from TTC thread for such a long time I never really got to give proper CONGRATULATIONS to many of you.   I'm so incredibly happy for all of you ladies.  You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.  Here's to a healthy, happy 9 months and beyond!      And PS:  just so you know, I will be lurking.         (or hopefully joining you soon!)
I would love to try them. Used them with my DS before and would love to use them through this molar teething stage. I love hylands!!!
Ditch the cleaner.  Major skin irritants, including ingredients number 2, 3, and the last 2.  Number 3 has shown correlations to cancer and miscarriages.  The last two are preservatives and breakdown releasing formaldehyde into the product.  That is all from a quick search on google...There is NOTHING natural about this cleaner at all.   Stick with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.  If you want to buy a cleaner, check out Seventh Generation or JR Watkins.  They are...
I liked the style.  I think that is a house in my town...I noticed a bag that has the name of a local business.  After looking at all the pictures, it totally fits with "Ithaca" style.  :)   For those of you who liked the style, you may enjoy these:  http://gallery.me.com/sarahblodgett#101572&view=grid&bgcolor=black&sel=62
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