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I love stonyfield farm yogurt products.  Their website has different coupons every month, and also a rewards program that you can trade in points for free products.  If you have a Wegmans near you, they double the coupons.  I'm not crazy about the sugar, but my DS loves the yogurt and it really is his one 'sweet' thing that he eats.  So, it doesn't bother me.  They do have plain that you could add sweetner if you wanted, or some of the flavors are lower in sugar than...
I have just discovered this, and am excited about it.  There is a woman here that does it.  I hope to be able to make an appointment soon.  It is expensive, but I am willing to try anything.  I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else has to say about it.
Wanted to let you know I tried the recipe with the 7 bananas and it was amazing.  I did use a bit more applesauce, cut down on the butter and sugar and used part wholewheat flour and flax.  Great recipe!  Thanks for sharing.  I look forward to trying some others!      
Very similar to many others out there.  The great thing about soup is you can add or delete anything you want, depending on personal preference, season and what you have on hand.  The secret to this is using the tomato paste.  It gives it that depth that some veggie soups don't have.  I normally choose to cook the pasta separately, and put in on the side.  I prefer it this way because I dislike mushy noodles.  Plus everyone can add as many, or as little as they would...
You mentioned that everyone really enjoys coffee.  How about a basket with some good coffee beans, cocoa (to flavor coffee or for hot chocolate), homemade biscotti, a book or magazine and a blanket?  Or something along those lines...perfect for a cold winter day/night.
I have always be a huge Hyland's fan, and will continue to be. I look forward to using your new and improved formula for the next teething babe. Thank you so much for this Q and A. It is nice to see that you care so much about your consumers.
We like fleece footy jammies here! When DS was younger in our old place, we would put a layer of cotten jammies underneath fleece footy jammies.
I don't think it is completely necessary for bleach to be used in normal every day cleaning. I haven't used in in 2+ years. Like all the pp's, vinegar, baking soda and peroxide work well. The only extreme circumstance that I could imagine would be in a natural disaster or something? If a septic tank exploded or there was dirty contaminated water in our home, etc. I would use bleach. Other than that, I can't think of why it needs to be used.
Thanks for the recipes! Cookiepie-I'm going to make yours today with the kids. redvlagrl-I've never had banana bread with choc chips! I'm going to have to try that for a treat sometime. Anyone else??
Are pregnancy tea's safe to drink while nursing? I'm cautiously expecting. I'm choosing to give up coffee and need something warm to drink, plus would like something that would be beneficial. Any suggestions, or good blends? I did pick up traditional medicinal pregnancy tea the other day at the store, but haven't had it yet because I wasn't sure if it was okay for my nursling.
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