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Hmm, I really like this article, and I notice that it doesn't take me long to fall back into the hurry up pattern once again.  I will try tomorrow to not say one hurry up.  One day at a time. Lesley
I think you did the right thing.  You spoke your truth, and put your daughter first.  It takes courage to be authentic.  I think you gave the mother a gift by being frank with her. She will make her own decisions on what she does with it.  Way to go, it takes courage to speak your truth. And it was done from a place of care and concern. I would encourage you to not back down. 
Thanks for posting,  it is a good reminder for me.
  I think the above  statement kind of nails for me my feelings of not feeling comfortable with some of these terms. I also live in the Northwest, where sir, ma'am are rarely heard.   I work at a shelter for homeless kids and one of the youth who was black and I believe from Somalia, but who had also lived in the States,  would call me Miss Lesley. This was the first time I had ever been called this.  It really made me feel uncomfortable. I knew he was being polite and...
Oh, this thread brings back memories.  When my son was around 4 he also had a playground accident, where he ended up coming down on the metal handle bar on a teeter totter and bashed some of his front teeth up into his gums.  It was terrible. I was really hoping some of the teeth would be ok, but after awhile, we were told by a specialist that four of the front teeth, would have to be removed. I was very stressed about it.  We did tell our son, that this would happen.....
I highly recommend also that you read the book Protecting the Gift by Gavin De Becker.  It really is about listening to our intuition.    If it was me, and I had any concern about my child's doctor in this way, we would not continue to have him as our children's doctor.  I would hope that I would not care what others thought, but followed my own intuition.. It is also a valuable lesson for the child in modelling listening to one's own intuition/instincts. Lesley 
I am also interested. I have a 79 year old father.  He stayed over the other night, with my husband and 9 year old son. I see that my father is having a hard time getting older. I think this forum could probably be a good place to visit.
I also think that what you did was enough.  It sounds like you pointed out that it was wrong; and he brought it back and admitted taking it. You helped him make things right. That seems pretty great, to me.   I don't think anything more is really needed. Unless at some  point you talk to him about the treats and how tempting they seem to be for him.  Perhaps a bit about your concerns ie) health wise, or the way they affect him or whatever it is.  Have a little dialogue...
I do not think it is just about homeschooling either.  I remember when i moved to a new school in grade three. The kids would gather around me and quiz me with math questions. I remember feeling very uncomfortable.  It is hard for children when they are put on the spot.  I guess there is so  much of it done in school that it doesn't seem so abnormal?  I honestly cannot imagine any of the kids we know who are homeschooling doing that.
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