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I've been looking at the Lehman's homemade detergent starter kit. I like Charlie's Soap but the low cost of homemade detergent is appealing. But I'm concerned the Fels-Naptha may be a problem since it's really a soap. http://www.lehmans.com/store/Home_Goods___Laundry___Washing___Homemade_Laundry_Soap_Starter_Set___1125325 Anyone have actual experience with this or similar homemade detergents? I use Flip inserts and covers or Bumkins AIO during the day for older...
Welcome to the area (or soon to be here)! I am a board member of a charter school and worked there as well for a year. Minnesota has a great variety of charter school options. I am not very familiar with the South side of the Twin Cities. But I hope you find what you're looking for there. I hope others have some info on any possible communities, I'd be interested to see if there are, too!
Glad it's helpful! I've been gardening for quite awhile and didn't know about the importance of wind movement with seedlings!
I have this mop and love it! We don't have any carpet in our home, just all hardwood or laminate floors. I've had this mop for about a year and it works really well, even my 9 year old son likes to use it and can do so easily. I liked the mop so much that I bought the Shark brand iron when I needed to replace my Rowenta... Great quality and half the price.
My cousin shared this tip with me as I plan to start seeds in our garage once it is a bit warmer, but still too cold to plant outside. (I'm zone 3/4) Quote: I start my seeds in our front porch in march. the tick is lots of air movement otherwise you get spindly little plants that grow tall and then fall over. The air movement causes the plants to sway creating scar tissue in the plant stem making them tough and hardy. Then for a week in May I spend a lot of...
MIL issues, or any relationship, dealing with your child can be really tough. Sending you a hug! I have in-laws, a step-mother, my mother and father...all have very different ideas of what is best for my children and what they want for my children. And I know sometimes my MIL does things just to incite us. I can either choose to throw my own log into the fire and keep it going, or just refrain completely and then the fire has nothing left to burn. But IMO when it...
Quote: Originally Posted by ledzepplon ...someone asked a Chinese-American friend of mine something about being "oriental." She said, "Rugs are oriental. People are not." A Vietnamese friend of mine growing up would say, "Do I look like a rug to you?"
I never heard of Parenting Oasis...sounds great! Annethcz...our boys are the same age. I'd love to come visit your crunchy mama Wednesday sometime once I'm feeling awake again (post-birth, lol)
I don't know them but a friend of mine just gave birth in January with them and she loves them. If you'd like to talk to her just let me know and I'll ask her to get in touch!
We see Dr. David Burnham or Dr. Prall at HealthEast Maplewood Clinic. http://www.healtheast.org/clinics/lo...maplewood.html I used to live in Anoka and drove nearly an hour to see them because they didn't hassle me about vax or crunchy parenting. They are not anti-vax, but they do not push it if you are clear that you don't do it. When my 3rd son got Pertussis, I didn't get any crap from them because he wasn't vaxed. They were great. There was no "I told you so"...
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