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We are on vacation in Chimney Rock, NC. I forgot me Ergo at home. Would anyone be willing to sell/rent theirs to me? We are only in town until Sunday, but I really want to get some hiking done! Thanks!
I am searching for a pediatrician or family practice that will see children that are on a delayed vax schedule or not vaxed.  Can anyone help?  They would need to take medicaid.   Thanks!!
Are there any food co-ops near Montgomery, AL?  Or a CSA, Farmer's Markets?
Can anyone recommend a naturopath near Montgomery, AL?  
Welcome!  We are at the Charlotte/Mt. Holly line.  I go to Belmont quite a bit.
Us too.  We are in NC
Can anyone point me in the direction of food or other co-ops in the Montgomery, AL area?  We might be relocating there and I buy all of our stuff from co-ops in NC.
Quote: Originally Posted by kecmom Just figured I'd put it out there that I'm pretty positive we have pox. As of today, dd3 has 12 spots on her back and 1 on her front. (Literally brand new to me since this morning-) They're quite obvious and typical of the size and shape, but aren't yet fluid-filled. My kids have also had colds and such though, so FYI, there may be other germs here too. I have 4 girls so it might be around here awhile- PM me if anyone...
The SC Health Dept site says that I have to say that I am part of a "recognized" religion in order to get the health department form. What does that mean? Has anyone else received an exemption from SC lately?
The birthing center will not do VBACs right now. Check with Dr. Meek (male-his wife practices too) or Dr. Roque. Dr. Peacock delivered my last and he was wonderful...so sad he retired although I do not blame him. Lake Norman and Presbyterian Huntersville are not VBAC friendly. CMC Pineville is known to be more accepting.
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