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Thanks Caneel. It sounds like demand can really vary by region right now.
I'm tired of being self-employed. I really enjoy some of what I do, but am struggling to support myself and kids since becoming single 4 years ago and don't have benefits.   While looking at the offerings at the local community college, I started thinking about a trade. (I was thinking about nursing but have some reservations about it.) My dad actually suggested electrician and I'm feeling some real interest. I worked in my dad's machine shop when I was younger--as a...
Yeah, but it should be easy to be totally yourself with the right person. They should bring that out in you. It concerns me that you stopped being yourself for awhile with him. Be truly who you are. If he doesn't like it/can't handle it then you know and can move on.
I can't imagine term being counted--you don't have any cash value. I've used www.acuquote.com You can see several quotes and they will shop for the best policy for you if you have any health issues.
I'm a bit on the fence about this one Butterfly. On the one hand, if words of affirmation is one of your love languages, which it certainly sounds like it is, then having that adds SO much to the relationship. On the other, I agree that actions speak louder, and are more important, than words. So if your need for words is insecurity driven then yeah, see if you can get over it. If it is really how you feel loved, then this guy might never do it for...
Look for a different company. See what is in town, talk to the the people managing them, maybe go watch some rehearsals when she is ready. Some are going to be more fun/uplifting environments that others. And even within this company, a different director (if they use different directors for different shows) may be a different event. I have a quite cynical view of theatre in general. I was a theatre wife and am now an ex-wife. Theatre and the powers that be will use...
So your DP agreed to hang out with her and his daughter? Not very cool imo to be with her and exclude you. You asked what I think--it might not be what you want to hear but I would suggest getting out now. This situation will be a thorn in your side for YEARS to come. If your DP does not step up immediately and set some clear boundaries with the mom then yeah, run.
Quote: Originally Posted by belove But please remember that men don't just stray if they are happy with the person they married..we all know it's much more complicated. Actually they do. Men (and women) have different reasons for cheating. Some do it for the excitement, variety and ego boost. They can be pretty happy at home. Cheating is about something inside of the cheater. But yes, much of the time it is because the relationship was...
I wouldn't apologize for not gettin back to him sooner. Maybe: Hi xx, Thanks for gettin in touch. I would like to meet up for coffe or cocoa. Maybe we could walk? The leaves are gorgeous right now. This week is really busy for me. Would next xx or xx after work be good for you? I would leave it where he could just email you. Have you read He's Just Not That into You? I think it could be a good read for you.
Yup. As Jeannine said you won't win her over. I would just let it go. She would be enraged by you wanting to meet her.
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