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you know, if someone was just making conversation in a casual way i would probably just be vague and say something about early september. or if it was a very casual aquantance (sp?) and my child was not present, i would probably just say 9/12. save yourself the headache. britishmum's idea of 11th of september sounds good as well.
subscribing. thanks tracy.
my gorgeous boy ford (age 14) seems to have swollen glands--they go all the way from one side of his neck to the other. any thoughts on what could be causing this and what we can do? i'll take him to the vet on monday.
good luck mm. i hope all goes well. i would not suggest the foul tasting stuff on nipples as a good weaning method to anyone. seems like a horrible way to end a nursing relationship. (not that i think you are considering it mm!)
get yourself over to www.creditboards.com they have a morgage section and very educated people. do your research there.
no, not anymore. my older son is eight and i am very confident in our choice. i did do some second guessing in the first year but it went away the more i read about the politics of vaccination.
i cut it all off when i got tired of getting it dyed to color gray. i was doing aveda dye so it was pricey. and i love grey hair on other women. so i chopped it all off. i didn't like it--i have very thick hair and when it is short is sticks up all over the place and i have to DO something. much better long--doesn't stick up. i'm almost at ponytail stage again!
i would ask over at www.schwablearning.com or search the archives of the message board there.
blessed, you may want to check out the rules about posting material from other sources on mdc. i believe it is a 100 word limit.
the main disadvantage i see is not having a good spot for clean laundry anymore.
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