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She is such a beautiful baby. congratulations!!!!
congratulations .
41+4 today. At this point I'm okay with not going into  labor until Thursday so that I can get the midwife I like. If I don't go into labor soon afterwards I'm not sure how my mood will be.
I know I haven't been posting much, but I'm still here too. 40+3 today. Nothing is happening so far, so I think I'll be here for a while longer.     mamatwo8- that picture is gorgeous.
awesome update  
She is so beautiful . Congratulations I am so, so happy for you and your family .
I am sorry I have no help to offer you, but I truly hope things get better.
I hope you get the help that you you need. You are doing great so far.
I also didn't work outside the home, but I am one who loathes laundry. As others have said it really didn't add that much work. I used the dry pail method. When DD was ebf I would just toss the dirty diapers in the pail. When she started eating solids I would rinse the poo and toss it in the pail. In the beginning I washed them every third day, but after a while we started having stink issues so I would wash them every other day.  
Thank you for this. As of today I am up 3lbs over my pp weight, but I am up about 7 overall in the past 10 weeks. Which is pretty scary to me 'cause my goal was .5lbs/week. I am hoping that it will level out soon though.
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