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I have two Naturepedic mattress and two that are a cotton/wool futon style. I use a Naturepedic one for infants/young toddlers because it is firmer than the others I have. Their waterproof mattresses do have a thin layer of food grade polyethylene in them but I'm ok with this as it doesn't offgas. If you don't like that though I would find a firm cotton/wool mattress if you can. Here's the Naturepedic website. http://www.naturepedic.com
Glad it was benign!
Think about how much time your child spends every day with his/her little face pressed up against the mattress and sheets, breathing in whatever the mattress is potentially off gassing. The kids mattresses are one area I won't compromise on. They are crazy expensive but who know what health concerns etc you might save them from in the future (and possibly the expenses that would incur.)   And as for the Sealy mattress above it just says it is made with organic...
When I had an anterior placenta, I felt my less movement than when I had a posterior placenta. I was actually amazed at the difference. Still felt movement but no where near as much.
I've also taken Rainbow Light One a Day through all of my pregnancies. I would go for New Chapter if I could swing it. And I wouldn't worry about the soy since it is fermented. I also avoid soy but fermented soy like tempeh, miso etc is actually good for the immune system and I'm sure other things as well unlike regular soy.
Honestly not all HCP would know about vitamin d levels. My OBGYN sure doesn't. Not a clue. I take usually at least 2-4,000iu daily (not counting whatever is in my multi) and much more than that when sick probably 10-12,000. I have my blood levels checked and they came by 52. The nurse said the normal range is from 30-100 so I consider that to still be on the low end. I keep meaning to raise my dose but I honestly I keep forgetting to take my vitamins!
I had low amniotic fluid with my last pregnancy. My doctor was starting to get concerned with the size of my daughter until she saw the low amniotic fluid then suddenly she much more concerned about that. I ended up being monitored in addition by a maternal fetal medicine specialist. I did not want my daughter delivered early so I drank water by the ton and I might have tried bathing too but nothing helped. I think in my case they were concerned that for some reason my...
Thank you for this thread. I was wondering the same thing! I'll be getting the Camden Rose one too. Thank you!
I'm glad you have an appt scheduled. I was going to say it's unsafe not to have it removed! It's probably nothing but I know of a lot of women that were diagnosed with melanoma while pregnant. I would have been if I had actually gone to the dermatologist sooner. But I waited and ended up being stage 3. Not trying to scare you at all but I'm definitely on the get it checked out now mindset! And truthfully it will be easier to get the biopsy done and recover from it now...
#4 :)
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