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Help! :) Hanging out at a hotel for the next few days with my 5, 3, & 1 year olds while my husband works. I was hoping that the hotel would have brochures or something but no... Any ideas??   Thank you!
I'm glad I'm not alone in this. This is exactly me! For some reason I just feel weird about telling people and I have no idea why. I think it's probably time to tell our kids now but I can't even bring myself to tell them for some reason! I like the idea of having them spread the news. I think I'll just send out a facebook message at some point. Most of our family knows now anyway, I think...
My friend did this to a whole bunch of us one girls night (with string and paper clip or something I believe. Way before any of us started having kids). She swears by it. Mine was boy, boy, girl. And that is exactly what we had. Very weird. Don't believe it one bit so weird indeed! But here we are with number four. She said that the above is what we were supposed to have... and number four was a surprise. Who knows? Maybe it does work after all! :)
I once tried tempeh to make vegan bacon but it didn't turn out so well. My next attempt was in coconut-tempeh stew from the Vegetarian Mothers Cookbook. And it was so delicious that I only ever use tempeh in it. I'm ready to branch out so I'm glad this thread is here!
Quote: Originally Posted by calynde i have a big green smoothie everyday for breakfast...have been for years now! it makes me feel sooo good, adding ginger is a great idea for the nausea, I hadn't thought of that for some reason. sometimes i start the day with a ginger tea and then have the smoothie, so it makes sense to combine them. I have fallen off my green smoothie/green juice wagon a while back. Curious what you put in yours. I use to...
Definitely read their website FAQ about the recall. They are voluntarily recalling their tablets while they update their manufacturing process. There are have some reports of reactions but even the FDA says they aren't conclusively linked. And it says a child would have to consume over 1000 tablets to even get the first sign of belladonna poisoning which is dry mouth. (And yes I know all the info comes from them but we never had a problem using them before.) I hope they...
So sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself.
Subbing for some good ideas too!
I was just coming to find healthy suggestions to fatten my daughter up. My DH took her to the ped today and they were concerned about her weight. She's 15 months. 20% for height and 3% for weight. I did check the other chart mentioned and she's at best 5-10% a little better. She is certainly petite but doesn't look skinny. They marked her as advanced skill wise so she's doing just fine which I already knew. I'm torn because part of me says I don't need to do anything but...
Sounds great! Glad it wasn't another ambiguous ultrasound!
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