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Quote: Originally Posted by bjorker I have another one for you carnivores out there. There's a meat place in Lynnwood on Ash way across from the park & ride called S&L Quality Meats. Everything is natural-- no hormones, antibiotics, etc, and is priced well. I'm not much of a meat-eater and have only eaten their chicken breasts, but they really are outstanding! They won't sell deli meats and such because it would go bad too soon without the...
You can make a cranberry/applesauce on your stovetop. I usually just peel and slice up apples and add the cranberries with water. And just cook for sometime checking every once in awhile & stirring of course. Adding water if needed, etc. Also I bet using Agave nectar as needed would be yummy.
We are doing our first year of homeschooling with Sonlight. I know that they have a package now out that you have 18 weeks to try it and if you don't love it you can send it all back (used books, workbooks and all). So even if you did get the P 4/5 and decided it was too young for your dd you could send it back and get the more suited package kwim? At least that is what I have gathered. My ds turns 5 first week of July so we will be doing the Pre K 4/5. I am...
Oh pink and brown will be darling. That is one of my favorite color combinations lol. Sorry BFL is Blue Face Leicester yarn soft yarn with wonderful stitch definition the whole shabang in my book lol. I've heard malabrigo is great (soft) as well. You'll probably need more than 2 skeins though I would guess.
Wonderful. I haven't heard about this yarn for sometime. I've heard of its utter softness. Do we know if its prone to less pilling (been a few years for me lol not sure if they changed that part ). Look forward to seeing your photos
Kiz, Oh terrific you found something that is affordable! I hope it works wonderfully for your little one Happy yarn crafting
She is super cute and love the longies
Hi Kiz, I just wanted to point out that some cd'ing mamas have used acryllic due to allergies over the years. You don't have the same waterproof capabilities like wool provides. IE: lanolizing them won't help them be anymore waterproof. Keep in mind with acryllic you have to wash a lot more often as well. Again, its possible to use this if your budget is limited, etc. What price range are you looking for with wool?
Best wishes to you
What do you consider in $ to break the bank? What sizing also will you be making as well? Are you looking for matching hats or different colors, etc? To me BFL comes to mind in utter softness
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