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Those baby kimonos are darling I wish I had a wee one to knit one for
That's neato seeing how the old school sock machine works. Also in the other links people have provided Thanks all for posting.
I'll be taking a drop spindle class this Sunday I'm really looking forward to learning. I have a little si drop spindle the book spin it and some targhee fiber (okay a few pounds honestly) hopefully I can catch on quickly
I don't know the name but, do know that Vanessa did dye all of her yarn. She only worked with Merino or Corriedale. So sad her gallery isn't up anymore also booooo hooooo! Her work was so inspirational seriously! Oh and hello there Kim and congratulations only 28 more days woooot
hee hee what a cutie and nice job on the hat
I'm not familar with that pattern but, wool works well at night time. Prefolds for night time didn't get us as long as fitteds though. What I mean is we'd get more dry time with fitteds topped with microfleece than compared to our prefolds. I love both kinds of diapers though
Yes, I made them last year and still have some here :
Totally cute! Where's a pic with your little model
That's some pretty yarn. What kind, breed, blend is it?
Gosh, hfcs in so many products? Your posts make sense I will start watching this for sure now thank you for this post! I couldn't agree more with PP about craving sweets for days. Makes complete sense!
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