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Lisa congratulations and I love all the hats you knit. You should be proud They look terrific !
Pretty, pretty, pretty Joyce
Can non blog-spot users join the MDC ring? Or maybe I just need a 2nd blog lol.
Oh my
You go girl. My DH wanted to use sposies on our first vacation away. I brought cloth and that's all we used. It was so hot I brought prefold and hung them outside to dry. They dried super fast. I even took a picture on the clothes line :
Welcome to your new home
Hey welcome And I'm born in Sept as well
Hi Jaime Welcome back to the forums yep I remember hyena and Kiwi Pie's back in the day too
Leslie great set I'm sure she will LOVE it
My oldest does this never did as a small child. I think sometimes its something they outgrow and other times not. He stopped for awhile and then started back up again. Hopefully "someday"!
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