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Awwww super cute
I love the colors of Manos. That's pretty much the only "already dyed" yarn that I buy otherwise I dye all my other yarn myself. As for a pair of Med soaker pants? I would say more than likely not enough. If it were me I'd get 2 skeins and make coordinating hat and slippers to match if there was "enough" leftovers
I agree with Kristen. I recently unravelled a pair of soaker pants the first I knit for my son. The yarn is in ok condition but wouldn't be giftable IMO People love BFL too so you shouldn't have a problem reselling and going yarn shopping
Great dye job and knitting! And WOW for your first project! You should be very proud
I have never tried it but have felt it and I agree with you it feels very scratchy. Hopefully someone here can shed some light. It felt a lot more scratchy to me than even peace fleece does to touch.
Oh my goodness love that blog and am definitely book marking it Thanks for sharing the linky
Seems like a neato invention. But, I can't imagine carrying my skein/center pull ball on the two prong like points (push them together then slip through middle of center pull ball?). At least that's what I get from the picture I stick mine in my purse and knit often too.
Hi & welcome I knit for now but plan to learn how to crochet & spin when I get more free time
Oh goodness mama I'm so sorry. I would cry sending hugs.
Awesome dipes mama way to go
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