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Alaska~Wow that is one Lion! Great job and he looks so happy in it
No it shouldn't look wonky at all. I just thread my i-cord in every purl in 2x2 ribbing (kk, pp). Hope that helps
Awww that stinks literally! If they kept the diaper bag it should be stinky by now right Hopefully someone honest has picked it up and not had time to return it. I also would keep checking back. Does Target have one of those reader boards where you can post for sale or wanted ads on a index card? Maybe I'm thinking of Fred Meyer but I'd check to see just incase so you can post it and maybe offer a small reward yk?
Oh no Katy I hope you're feeling better fast. Did you have your wisdom teeth removed or something else? Will keep you in our prayers for a speedy recovery Sorry I'm no help in the shopping for diapers part
Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital Wow I bought my very first prefolds from her. I did too. My thoughts and prayers are with her family & friends.
Oh thanks Michelle I don't do synthetic yarns either. I'm thinking maybe a bulky 6 ply merino or something might work for this one. I bought some awhile back so I might gauge it to see. I might have just enough ha ha ha. If you don't mind let me know what you come up with or try out.
I'm glad you posted though I wasn't even familiar with that site Has anyone knitted with a similar yarn that isn't lionbrand?
GREAT pants and you should be proud what an accomplishment Did you use Manos or another yarn?
Cute duckies Carolyn! I'd love the pattern would you please email it to me
Quote: Originally Posted by yogamomma For something fun, maybe this: http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTkate.html That is a cute kitty
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