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Hey Mamas..quick question..most of my kids ate solids around 7 months or so..but my latest creation is almost 10 months old and totally not interested! So my question is 1) When she finally does show an interest, do i start her the same way i would a "younger" babe (I'm only asking that because usually at 10m my babe's are eating basically what we eat, so I'm all throw off). 2) She does this gagging thing when i offer her food, isnt' it a bit old to still have the gag...
Jenny, since your a little gay, can I kiss you on the mouth?
Is that you K? Hi Jen and Laura
Quote: Originally Posted by PM Hey Mandy, where'd ya put your pjs? Har, har. I didnt see this before, My PJ's are still warm and comfy, thanks I should prolly go get in them now, its pretty chilly in here.
Hi Els!
Pump!!! Is that really you????
Im gonna go with the maybe not..lol. Us Canadians arent as quick with technology... Anyways, here is the link from last night... http://www.lifenetwork.ca/tv/shows/t...itle_83154.asp
It was pretty trippy to see them on tv! It was on "Crash Test Mommy" on LifeNetwork.
And Hi to Jacque and Hilary!
Old mothering, eh? Less people. More support. Less worrying about being so PC. And the thing that has changed the most..... I didnt know anyone then that would pay 100$ for a diaper.
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