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He is beautiful, as is the rest of your family.
Walk around the neighborhood a zillion times. Everyone will stop and ask when the baby is coming (like you know!). Labor will be brought on by sheer annoyance at them.
I do the relaxation part of my prenatal yoga video and it sometimes help settle him and move him into better positions, pelvic circles, stretches, cat/cow.
I'm due 8/17 and still here waiting. My first one was a week early so I expected this one a little sooner, but my first is hyperactive so maybe this one will have a laid back relaxed personality. I can hope there is a good side! :-)
About $50/week for me (pregnant), DH and a 3yo DS. We eat probably half organic, few nonnegotiable for me organic things (like milk for DS) and otherwise a mix. On top of that we have about one $50-70 trip to the health food store a month for vitamins and some bulk goods. DS has eczema so his skin oil and vitamins are most of that total. I count all that in my food budget. Tanya
I wasn't but my DH was and that affects my decision to keep my son home. I think it is still more prevalent in boys than girls. He still remembers the pain of his early years with that treatment, though he went on to have very solid friendships. It is not my primary reason to HS, but it does factor in. My son at 3 is very nonviolent and not aggressive. I want to keep it that way as much as reasonably possible, and I feel PS will increase the chances of aggressive...
My midwife recommends pads soaked in witch hazel and frozen ahead of time (plastic between them so you don't have one large frozen pad). :-)
I'm not having them done. My midwife doesn't seem to recommend them at all and that is just fine with me. Enough discomforts in pregnancy without that, and that way I won't obsess about that at least. Plenty of other things to obsess about as I near my due date (8/17).
I would read for entire days as a kid too. I read grade level or above stuff then but I find myself doing similar to your daughter as an adult, meaning that when I have gone through a stressful period of my life or have just taken an academic class or other taxing things mentally, I read "fluff" meaning fiction or genre. When life is just flowing along and kind of quiet is when I challenge myself with harder nonfiction or books on a topic new to me. I always read but my...
If just concerned about weight gain, can you do Pediatric Ensure shakes or something like that? For veggies, can you do different types of things, like maybe carrot juice or juice blends? As you can tell from my suggestions, my DS likes to drink his food. He also likes vegetable "chips" made in the oven of thinly sliced root veggies baked like chips. There is a commercial brand out there too, Terra chips I think. Not as great as pure veggies but neat for snacks....
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