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Has been running about $60-70 but will be higher this month as I have used our AC a few days. That is our gas/electric combined.
This place says they will ship anywhere in the world. I haven't ordered a press from them but I have ordered snaps in the past (but I live in the US). I honestly can't remember where I got my press as it was several years ago. Make It Snappy: http://home.att.net/~tjatsdehart/SweetHarts.html
I was about the same. I BF for a little over a year with my first. We'll see this time (I'm due this month). I went back to pre-PG weight with my first but nothing more (I remained 40 lb overweight). In regard to constant hunger while BF, some of mine was thirst and I wasn't really hungry. You might try drinking down a glass of water and seeing if you still feel hungry in 15-20 minutes. I wasn't drinking enough in the beginning and I was getting thirst confused...
I think losing at this stage is normal for many. I had trouble gaining throughout and was stuck at the same weight for 2 months. My midwife just said it was fine and the baby was growing fine and active so don't worry about it. Regarding small size, did your baby drop recently or change positions so he/she is measuring smaller?
How sad. I hear of this fairly often but only because I live in a large city and work for a charity that helps provide burial layettes. The actual incidence I believe is fairly low. Poor things! I simply can't imagine it though, the pain of going through it.
From glancing at the book, it appears Peggy is supportive of VBAC, and she does give in her birth stories section a successful HBAC though I don't know if she comments personally other than printing the story of the woman. I'm not all the way through the book yet and have been reading it slowly with pregnancy so don't remember every detail. I skipped the VBAC stuff originally since it isn't my situation.
Want to make sure she doesn't have a book I don't know about, but I have "Having a Baby, Naturally" and she has 3 or 4 pages on VBAC specifically in the book. I got that from the index and the subcategories in there are "Why is VBAC Used?," "When is VBAC unsafe?," "How Effective is VBAC?" and "Is VBAC Safe?" I'm not sure if she comments elsewhere mixed in the book about VBAC as well. Tanya
It could be the position your baby is in, which varies, and the measuring itself is not an exact science either. I always measured big with DS#1, who was breech the whole time and just liked to hang out in positions making him seem bigger than he was apparently. They did repeated ultrasounds, checking fluid levels, yadda, yadda. Completely normal. This time sometimes I measure big and sometimes right on, depending on the position he is in. I wouldn't worry too...
I've gained 16 pounds at 33 weeks (having lost 5 to start with so I'm actually 21 pounds over lowest weight during pregnancy). I was about 30-40 pounds overweight to begin with so I feel this is healthy for me this pregnancy.
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