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My middle son did this. We would block off the living room, lay on the floor and let him play while we dozed. We would trade nights so one of us slept soundly in bed, the other lightly downstairs.
I haven't posted much on mothering.com since my youngest was born last year. So I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but I'm losing my damn mind and I think everyone else I know might stab me if they see me whine about it one more time. But my one year old does not sleep. I don't just mean doesn't sleep through the night. I don't mean only takes hour long naps. I mean, since he's been born he has barely slept. I don't know if I can link to a blog, so I hope...
Thanks ladies :)
oh, the updated pics on page 2 - my goodness! your birth is soooo beautiful and then it looks so scary for you :( I can't even imagine what a wild ride of emotions that was!
what a beautiful story! Your birth sounded absolutely amazing. He is so beautiful in that picture. Good luck to you all!
ha - I was WAY off!    
We decided to go ahead and do meds for reflux. We were all miserable and for about a month being his mama was no fun. I hated every second he was awake cause he just screamed. The meds have helped a lot, I've also cut out dairy (very sadly).
Hope it's ok to post a link to my birth story http://moonlithill.blogspot.com/2011/07/about-boy.html The short version is that he was born a week and a half early, weighing 10lbs 7oz and we named him Andrew Roland :)
I'm due 7/2 and don't tend to go early (2 days over with my oldest and right on the due date with my youngest) - BUT, my body has definitely been getting ready the last week or so and I'm beginning to suspect I could end up going the last week in June.
good luck! keep us posted!
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