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Not a clue, he'll be 13 in a few weeks. He did proudly brag that he thinks he's getting armpit hair but I think he's seeing things
My 14 yr old has about 4 new holes in her ears and I more scolded her on how unsanitary it is to pierce yourself in the way that she was doing it. She's gauging her ears now but had to ask about that since I have to buy the gauges for her. I don't care that she has ear piercings though. I pierced my own eyebrow when I was about 16, came home from school and my mom literally screamed until I removed it. I got it professionally done at 18
My sister comes to quite a few of my kids things but that's the way that we were raised. Our parents came to everything. On the otherhand, ex dh's and dh's family have only seen a handful of the many sporting events that my kids are involved in and no school stuff. To be perfectly honest it bugs me that they don't but I understand it's just not high on their priorities and that's fine. I imagine that whenever my sister has kids I'll try to get to as much of their stuff...
My mil passed before we were married but my exmil and I have a wonderful relationship. She has always respected my decisions regarding the kids, supports me in everything, etc.
My oldest two (12 and 14) have cell phones and to me, they're vital. They each have different activities they do, going to friends houses, etcetera and I love knowing that they can instantly contact me and I can contact them.
I would be sad too Both of my youngest have gorgeous curls and it killed me to cut my 6 yr olds. I'm sure that I'll be equally upset when we have to cut the baby's.
My daughter has vibrant red hair and I'm not lying when I say that I was asked a few times when she was a baby/toddler if I dyed it that way. As far as questions, people will ask the baby "what's your name" "how old are you" and I'm always stuck in the quandry of do I answer for him
We're in a similar situation here, sorta. Dd actually just had her orientation for 9th last night and starts school on Monday. She's freaking out about having no friends in her classes, though she won't really know for sure until Monday and she's freaking out about school work. She's in some pretty hard classes, all honors with 1 AP class. Her ap teacher gave her a schedule for homework for the next month and she about flipped. She's another that's never really had to...
I know that for me I would be uncomfortable with it simply because I'm a very private person.
6 but at that age only with trusted friends of the family.
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