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I still have little ones as well but for my older two we bake, watch christmas movies, listen to christmas music, drive around to see the lights and they enjoy doing to shopping with me for others.
I hate school supplies, mostly because I feel like I can't ever find half of what they need. Thankfully for my 6 and 7 yr old their school offers to go purchase their supplies including their planner for 50 bucks per kid. Dh insists that we can get them cheaper but in looking I think we'll save at least a few dollars doing it this way. And I'll save the stress of getting pissed because I can never find the darned 3 pronged pocket folders in the colors that they need ...
I'm going to venture a guess and say that the photographer is one that has done minimal research on her own and was doing what she "thinks" you should do and what she "thinks" looks good. Unfortunately sometimes not enough info, on her part, can totally ruin pictures.
Named after? no. Heard the names and liked them? yes I loved the name Christian after hearing Christian Slater and I liked the name Nicolas because of Nicolas Cage. And while my daughter wasn't named after Queen Elizabeth I, I think it's cool that her middle name was the name of a fiery red head (she has red hair as well).
In active rotation I have 2 pairs of sandals 1 pair of flip flops running shoes older running shoes that I use for mowing 1 pair converse 1 pair loafers 2 pairs of heels I do have more that I really need to cull out. For what its worth, I work outside of the home and have to have a few different shoes for different outfits
Yep My older two are a red head and a blonde, blue eyes and fair skinned. My younger 3 art part mexican and are olive/much darker skinned with dark hair. For what it's worth I really can't recall any negative comments. I was at the dr today with my blonde 12 yr old and my baby and all she commented on was that my 12 yr old didn't have curly hair like my little guy.
I don't think it's horrible at all.
I just did one for my babe and we used solid colors. A friend of mine did the cake and did a baby that looked kinda like him on it wearing a bday hat, cute
5 and we're done
- walk up the down stairway? no - walk up the slide (if it is safe for them to do so)? yes, but only if there aren't other children trying to use it - walk barefoot in the grass in the backyard? yes - pick the flowers in your backyard? etc? yes what does it say about my parenting? no idea
New Posts  All Forums: