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2.00 each for the 3 boys and I think my daughter's was somewhere around 1.85 last year. She's moving up to high school this yr so I'm not sure what hers will be.
My 6 yr old loves it but doesn't really "play" it. I think he more thinks he's playing it and he's perfectly happy. He has some of the little figures and a bunch of cards.
My daughter's fave store is Aeropostale. They almost always have some type of sale going on. We also hit up the outlets, Gap, Old Navy, Converse, etc.
My daughter is dying to get a job and as soon as she's able the plan is to require her to put at least 25% in savings but encourage more. I suck at being financially responsible and don't want to set my kids up for the same issues. She plans on spending the rest of clothes, jewelry, books and such. I'll still buy her general clothing, school stuff, food, etc. eta: when mine are old enough to drive they'll be responsible for their gas and at least part if not all of...
Yes, yes and more yes. I have 5 but 4 who really interact with each other and it's constant. I feel like I spend most days playing referee. They all antagonize each other, get irritated when they're on the receiving end of it and it's highly likely that I'll end up in a mental institution by the end of the summer My 12 yr old and 6 yr old brought the Wii downstairs so I could watch them play this morning. Cool right? Wrong. They spent about 20 minutes arguing over...
I grew up with a mom who was the same exact way. I now have 4 boys who have done the same things yours do. It's normal
I most definitely would have done the same thing that you did.
I've never hooked and not sure if I was taught or not but I'm a lefty who rights under but turns the paper kind of diagonally. However, I don't see what the big deal is about either way.
Sounds fairly normal. After the school year I got a picture book from the year for each of my elementary aged kids.
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