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Gosh, I basically went straight from highschool to having kids so I never got to be an adult sans children, lol. I'll tell you in 20 or so years a better response. I do however miss the alone time and quiet.
Daughter's 1st name is after a friend, middle name is after my living sister Son #1's middle name is after his (at the time) living grandfather Son #2's middle name is after his living father Son #3's names are just ones we liked Son #4's middle name is not so much after, but inspired by Nicolas Cage
My 3rd born is incredibly "gifted" at soccer but I think a lot of it has to do with watching his older siblings play since he was a baby. He however has an undiagnosed learning disorder. So yes, physically gifted but I don't think it has to do with birth order.
My older two have no desire what so ever to see their dad. But, it's largely because he's never spent a heck of a lot of time with them. It's cyclical and the one really and truly being hurt is the child. As far as the spending money on her comment, I agree with others. I don't see it at all as manipulative but more as a way to deflect how she truly feels. My kids talk about how much they hate their dad, say this and that about him and while I know there are bad...
You can see where dh takes his clothes off. I get home from night at work and inevitably his shirt is draped over the back of the couch, his shoes are in the floor of the family room and his socks are somewhere nearby. As far as the shirts I turn them right side out while folding because I'm anal about it but his socks, well he's lucky if I bother to find a match. He can play the match game with his socks.
I wouldn't have paid it either. I know this isn't what's legal perhaps but they've put you in an incredibly crappy position and left you out in the cold essentially.
My 12 yr old is healthy and active and eats around that amount, throw in a bit more for dinner and 1 snack. My 6 yr old eats more than him.
Oh my goodness, yes. My situation is a little different in that my neighbor is 8and comes over every afternoon to hang out here until his older brother gets home. I had to tell him repeatedly that he might wake the baby and to pllleeeasssseeee only ring it once. He had to be reminded occasionally but after a while just lightly knocked once.
No and quite honestly it has as much to do with me being able to think straight as it does with the other reasons mentioned here.
Oh goodness, well, firstly Quote: Our standard answer is poop on a stick whenever they ask what is for dinner I say the same thing but vary it sometimes and say poop sandwiches. My son Ethan is usually called Neeny and for the longest time one of our friends thought we were callling him meany so now that's their "affectionate" name for each other. When the kids or dh ask where something is they get "up your butt and around the corner" Whenever...
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