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I think that I'd be okay with it. I graduated at 17 and went on a basically unsupervised senior trip to Cancun and survived. I think it all depends on maturity level.
My almost 8 yr old has been begging to but I'm too scared. He's responsible but the thought of those blades just freak me out.
All 45 of my older ones get on there at the same time and we've never had an issue. Just make sure you stake it down, mine ended up in the neighbor's yard the other day when we had some nasty wind edit: 4 older ones, not 45. I'm good but not that good
I'm incredibly introverted and have done OKAY so far. I just can't do mom's groups or la leche or anything like that. I do okay in small settings. For what it's worth, I don't think it's rubbed off on my kids in any way. My 13 yr old is just about as outgoing as it gets with my 12 and 6 yr olds right on her heals. My 7 yr old is just naturally more introverted. I was thinking about this whole introversion thing today. I took my youngest to a new peds office and it...
I so want to try this. If you don't mind sharing, are there particular types of stores (i.e. bargain, malls, etc) that you've had more success at. By the way, I know my dh will think I've gone looney when I mention this to him
I would think it would be okay. And I'm definitely going to try this recipe. My dad called today and said his garden was becomming over run with squash and zucchini.
I can't view the video at work right now but I would venture to say that if they had lifeguards stationed there that there is a reason and that they should in fact be guarding lives. I think your letter was perfectly within reason and needed and don't see how on earth your reaction could be interpreted as overreacting.
It's not prepaid per say but my daughter has metro pcs and it's unlimited calls and texts for somewhere around 40 per month. Not sure of exact price because wonderfully wonderful ex mil pays for it
Ugh. I feel your pain. I have 4 that are, so there's all different kinds of fun combos of who is fighting with who at any given moment.
I would have been bugged too. I've never gotten that question but I'm actually shocked that I haven't. I get quizical looks but no questions. I'm blonde and fair-skinned and my 3 youngest are dark haired and olive skinned (dh is mexican). What was funny was before we had our 3, it was just myself, dh and my two from a previous marriage, both fair-skinned one blonde and one red haired. We were sitting at a restaurant one time and I could catch bits of conversations of...
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