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All of mine started playing soccer at 4/5. My daughter took last season off but is trying to get back in shape now to tryout for the highschool team. My 12 yr old ds is beginning his 4th competitive soccer season and loves. Dh (his stepdad) coaches. My 7 yr old is going to be coached by dh this season as well and will likely go competitive in the next year or two. He sees a trainer as we get the time/money. My 6 yr old plays but purely for the heck of it The older...
I had 2 by 20. I did live with my parents until the youngest was 6 or so months but I did get out on my own and while I struggled as a single parent for a while, I've done fine
My 13 yr old's and 7 yr old's bdays are 6 days apart. It's never really been a big deal. We did a combo party with her ds' first birthday but since then we've done seperate things.
We are, and have to be, the only true advocates for our children. Good for you for responding as you did
Yeah, I think if you've already asked then, in my case at least, I'd feel a bit awkward mentioning money now. I would have said "hey, we would love for so and so to join us on our trip and can't quite swing it. If you can chip in x amount of money for this, this and that we'd love to have him."
My dh used to complain when I spent over 100 per week until he started going with me As it stands now we average 150 per week, sometimes more, sometimes less. We don't buy a whole lot of meat. We eat dinner out Sat. nights, dh eats out for lunch Mon-Fri (how nice for him) and 2 of the kids eat school lunches. Our 150 or so includes food, paper products, cleaning products and diapers for the baby because I too have a dh who won't use cloth.
Found these in May but got a great BCBG dress from goodwill for 8 bucks and a brand new with tags still on pair of American Eagle shorts for 7 there.
Unless it's derogatory or offensive, no. For instance the parents of my 7 yr old's best buddy call him Ronaldo and add their last name on. Ronaldo is his favorite soccer player. Likewise, we have our own nickname for their son.
I haven't read a whole lot of the responses but for us it's a combo of convenience and affordability. We buy our fruits and veggies at the local market and attempt to feed the kids healthy food from the grocery store.
I think them being so concerned about kids hugging is assinine. My daughter and her friends hug, big whoop.
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